The Food Nanny, Liz Edmunds

For over 20 years this vivacious dinner coach, author and mother of seven has brought countless families back to the dinner table.  Night after night, Liz provides you with recipes for delicious meals and memorable conversations.

Implementing Liz’s signature Theme Nights into your meal planning will simplify your shopping efforts, lower your overall grocery costs and decrease the amount of time your spend in the kitchen. Her easy-to-create dinner menus will make dinnertime the whole family will look forward to! Whether you’re cooking for a family or for yourself, Liz’s dinnertime philosophies will significantly improve your mealtimes.

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The Food Nanny show

The Food Nanny is a reality makeover show that takes a disastrous dinner situation and whips it into shape. From innovative tips and tricks on creating engaging conversation and enlisting your kids’ help with meal preparation to advice on refreshing tired meals, The Food Nanny will give you the recipe you need the most—a successful family dinner.

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