My Food Nanny Philosophy is about La Vita Vera- The True Life. I learned about this phrase when I visited and observed a family in Italy many years ago. I live the True Life when my whole family is gathered at the dinner table eating a delicious meal and talking. We laugh, we help each other, we cry together, we talk about successes and failures, and we connect as a family.

In order to accomplish La Vita Vera, I believe in 3 Fundamentals: Family, Meal Planning & Good Food!


Nothing can replace family dinner. The Food Nanny philosophy is built around the idea that the most important thing you will do each day is cook a delicious, healthy dinner and eating together as a family. Research show that kids who eat dinner with their parents are healthier, more advanced in literacy, and less likely to get involved in drugs and alcohol. Create a more unified, happier family in just one hour a day with dinnertime!


Planning is key to a successful family dinner. My famous Nanny Plan frees you from the hassle of last-minute meal planning. Never again will you be faced with inventing a meal at 5pm! Using my Theme Night system each week is the best method for success. Your family will have something to look forward to if you choose consistent weekly themes. My Nanny Plan will also simplify your shopping efforts and reduce trips to the store.


The proof is in the pudding. Or in the cinnamon rolls. Or in the pot roast. Whatever foods your family loves, I’ve got the recipes to put smiles on the faces of even the pickiest eaters. My recipes are easy to make and delicious to boot. For a complete list of mouthwatering recipes, my book The Food Nanny Rescues Dinner is your best bet.